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CLEVELAND — Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, whom Donald J. Trump passed over to be his running mate, was one of the stars of the Republican convention The transition team for President-elect Donald Trump is encouraging New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run to be the next chairman of the Republican National Committee.Browse, search and watch Chris Christie videos and more at abcnews.comGet the latest news about New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Find photos and videos and comment on the news at NJ.comFollow American politics, keep up with the hottest political debates, and share your thoughts and opinions on the political news that matters to you.New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivers a speech that was heavily critical of the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee. “It is our obligation to stop New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is making a play to be the next chairman of the Republican National Committee.The 2016 Republican National Convention, in which delegates of the United States Republican Party chose the party’s nominees for President of the United States and WASHINGTON — TRUMP: “Decades of progress made in bringing down crime are now being reversed by this administration’s rollback of criminal enforcement. Homicides Sen. Ted Cruz, a former GOP presidential candidate, spoke on Wednesday at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Cruz did not formally

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