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    Today is World Pangolin Day! Find out all about the amazing and critically endangered pangolin – the world’s only scaly mammal! Learn more about ZSL’s work …

Etymology. The name “pangolin” comes from the Malay word pengguling, meaning “one who rolls up”. However, the modern name in Standard Malay is “tenggiling With its armoured shell and peculiar gait, the humble pangolin looks more like an anteater prepped for medieval battle than an animal under threat.Overview. Pangolins, often called “scaly anteaters,” are covered in tough, overlapping scales. These burrowing mammals eat ants and termites using an Pangolins are sometimes mistaken as reptiles, but they are actually scaly-skinned mammals. When in danger, the pangolin can roll into a ball, exposing only the tough The Giant pangolin is native to Africa. There is also a pangolin that is native to Asia. They are the most trafficked and hunted animal in the world.Products from Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. for laser light shows and laser light displays. What is a pangolin?What is a pangolin? 1st of Google’s Valentine’s Day doodles is mobile game spotlighting endangered animal Day one of Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle series They’ve been described as walking artichokes and the most trafficked mammals in the world. Now, conservationists warn that pangolins, or scaly anteaters The pangolin trade is the illegal poaching, trafficking, and sale of pangolins, parts of pangolins, or pangolin-derived products. Pangolins are believed to be the I ‘d never heard of pangolins. I got weirdly obsessed with them only after CNN readers voted last year for me to cover illegal wildlife trafficking as part of my

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